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Name: X-23 Complete Chronological Event
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Completed
Author: Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle
Genre: Action, Adventure, Marvel
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Read X-23 Complete Chronological Event Comic Online

The origins of X-23 in the Weapon X program. The covert Weapon X project created her to be the ultimate killing machine. Armed with an accelerated healing factor and razor-sharp claws, X-23 is an unstoppable assassin. Her mind molded to kill on command, she seems to be a stunning success for the Weapon X scientists. But her genetics hold a dark secret - for within her DNA, there lies a link to the X-Men's Wolverine. Will this mysterious connection to the famed mutant hero prove enough to unshackle X-23 from her blood-soaked origins?

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