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Name: Vertigo Verite - Hell Eternal
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Ongoing
Author: Jaime Delano
Genre: Action, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Vertigo
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Hell Eternal is a testament about the horrors of gun-love. The text is saturated with sensual viciousness, all centered around one woman's gradual lust for firearms. But that underlying theme is only a tiny part of the overall story. Hell Eternal is about dependency and what poisons relationships. The sick games every couple plays in order to cement their command over each other. The jealousy that empowers you. Hell Eternal is about neo-Nazis. It starts out as a game of fetishistic role-playing, but soon spirals into the depths of action and belief. Hell Eternal is about REALLY bad things happening to mostly bad people. When you're forced into terrible situations, with worse consequences, all due to either your minuscule mistakes or your blind zeal. Hell Eternal is super depressing. And really good. Most comics I read feel like movies. Hell Eternal however (with its short length of 64 pages), felt like an extremely rich novel, complete with personable ambiguity. Hell Eternal is so much more than all of that. Those brief analysises are superficial fractions of Hell Eternal's weight. This book is a raw emotional experience all about the blood beneath the story.

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