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Supergirl (1972) Comic

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Name: Supergirl (1972)
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Completed
Author:  Cary Bates, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Superhero, Supernatural
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Read Supergirl (1972) Comic Online

Following a decade of back up action and three years headlining Adventure Comics, Supergirl finally starred in her own series. For the inaugural issue, scribe Cary Bates and artist Art Saaf enrolled Linda Danvers in college. Following the murders of two of her fellow students, Supergirl surmised that drama instructor Basil Rasloff was the killer, for the victims were all in theatrical revivals of filma Rasloff had made famous. Supergirl prevented Rasloff's next murder before capturing the deranged instructor. For 10 issues, the Maid of Might continued flying solo, albeit with the occasional help of guest stars like Zatanna and Prez, until DC opted to merge her title with several others into the eponymously titled Superman Family.

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