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Name: Mortal Kombat 4 Limited Edition
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Completed
Author: John Tobias
Genre: Martial Arts
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The comic begins in Edenia with the unrepenting Reptile being sentenced by Queen Sindel to a lifetime of hard labour in the cobalt mines of Shokan for committing genocide in the name of Shao Kahn. Sindel then holds a meeting with the Edenian Ambassador to New Realms, whose daughter, Tanya, introduces Sindel to a man from another realm seeking help. The man wears a hood to cover his pale, white face and the markings on his forehead. He claims to be from the realm of Treche (likely a play on "treachery"), taken over by the sorcerer Shil Kaad (perhaps a play on Shao Kahn's name). When Sindel becomes apprehensive, claiming she has heard neither of Treche nor Shil Kaad, the man gives her a "gift," an orb which almost mystically draws Sindel's gaze to it, to the point she cannot look away. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Edenia, Princess Kitana is trying to settle a dispute between the two former favourite races of Shao Kahn, the Shokan and the Centaurians, as a mysterious figure watches from the rafters. Just as one of the Centaurians is about to attack Kitana, the mysterious figure leaps down and subdues him. The figure turns out to be Goro, who states that while he was thought to have been killed (following the events of the first game), he was, in reality, hiding—ashamed at his loss to Liu Kang and unwilling to serve Shao Kahn. With Kahn gone, Goro says he is now back to take his father's place as leader of the Shokan and the war between the Shokan and Centaurians must stop. As peace is reached and rapturous applause for Goro and Sindel fills the building, an explosion erupts from the direction of the Capital City. The orb given to Sindel had transformed into a huge portal to the Netherrealm. Shinnok, ruler of the Netherrealm, is the first to emerge from the portal, followed by hundreds of demons, as well as the mysterious Reiko, and Scorpion, who is likely looking for another chance at life outside the Netherrealm. As Quan Chi, the man who gave Sindel the orb, discusses the success of the plan and says Tanya is to be thanked, Shinnok claims his true goal is to reach the heavens and confront the Elder Gods, and now he has that chance. Several days later, in Earthrealm, Sub-Zero has travelled to the Temple of the Elements in China. He recalls what his elder brother, the original Sub-Zero, said: that the temple is home to an amulet designed to keep Shinnok in the Netherrealm. The amulet is protected by the elements of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire (a reference to Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero). As Sub-Zero prepares to make peace with the elemental Gods, he sees what he believes to be a sign falling from the sky and decides to follow it after symbolically donning his mask once more out of respect not to the Lin Kuei, but to his brother. Miles away, Liu Kang and Kai are sparring. As Liu Kang quickly gets the upper hand, Kai jokes that this is easy enough for the Immortal Champion of Mortal Kombat. Suddenly, what Sub-Zero had seen falling from the sky collides with the ground near the monks. They inspect the scene and discover demons about to slit the throat of a white-haired man. Elsewhere, Sonya Blade is battling Jarek. Unable to get the upper hand over the last remaining Black Dragon clan member, Jarek escapes. Jax then contacts Sonya and tells her she is needed to investigate an interdimensional flux in southwestern China and a helicopter piloted by Johnny Cage is sent to pick her up. At the crater, Liu Kang and Kai battle the demons well, but are outnumbered, until Raiden shows up and electrocutes the demons to death. Raiden then explains that the man who fell from the sky is Fujin, God of Wind. He elaborates that he and Fujin are the last two remaining of Earth's Gods and that the Elder Gods have been weakened by Shinnok. He and Fujin withdraw to the Eternal Palace to formulate a plan of attack, after telling Liu Kang and Kai they must go to Edenia. Just as Kai is lamenting the impossibility of such a task, the helicopter carrying Sonya and Cage arrives. Not long afterwards, Sub-Zero shows up to offer his help, correctly guessing that his brother may have played some part in Shinnok's return. Sonya uses Outer World Investigation Agency technology to open a portal to Edenia. On the other side, they are all greeted by Quan Chi, who welcomes the Earthrealm Warriors to a "Mortal Kombat like you've never seen before." The comic ends with the caption, "To be continued in Mortal Kombat 4, but it is unknown what happens next.

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