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Martian Manhunter (1988) Comic

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Name: Martian Manhunter (1988)
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Completed
Author:  J.M. DeMatteis
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Superhero, Supernatural
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Read Martian Manhunter (1988) Comic Online

Martian Manhunter walks across the barren desert of Mars with H'ronmeer. Now free of his fever, H'ronmeer shared with J'onn J'onzz the true history of Mars. Jonn sees the Martian race evolve from a species of bird. The Martians evolve into a pacifist society, creating wondrous architecture. However, a plague hits the Martian race, and J'onn's wife is one of the Martians that succumbs. In order to purge the plague, the Martians create huge funeral pyres to incinerate the contaminated bodies. J'onn watches the memory of his wife burning in the pyre.

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