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Name: Halo - Escalation
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: -
Status: Ongoing
Author: Christopher Schlerf
Genre: Action, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Millitary
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Read Halo - Escalation Comic Online

Halo®, the most celebrated video game series of all time, joins forces with Dark Horse for a thrilling new ongoing series! The UNSC flagship Infinity is assigned escort duty for a diplomatic mission between the Arbiter and a powerful chieftain of the Brute tribes—but when a rogue Covenant group attacks, it’s going to take all the firepower the Spartans have to keep the delegates alive! First issue of an all-new ongoing Halo series from Dark Horse! An essential addition to the Halo canon! The Halo franchise has sales eclipsing $3 billion over its lifetime! From Christopher Schlerf, lead writer of Halo 4!

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