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Name: Aliens: Earth War
Alternate Name: Aliens Volume 3: Female War
Year of Release: 1990
Status: Completed
Author: Mark Verheiden
Genre: Dark Horse, Demons, Horror, Military, Movie Cinematic Link, Science Fiction, Supernatural
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Aliens: Earth War, also known as Aliens, Vol. 3: Female War and more recently Aliens: The Female War, is a four-issue limited comic book series that was first published by Dark Horse Comics from June-October 1990. It was written by Mark Verheiden, illustrated and inked by Sam Kieth, colored by Monika Livingston, lettered by Pat Brosseau and edited Diana Schutz, with cover art by John Bolton. The comic was later adapted as the novel Aliens: The Female War by Steve Perry and Stephani Perry. The series was originally a sequel to the 1986 film Aliens, directed by James Cameron, and continued the stories of Corporal (now promoted to Sergeant) Hicks, Newt and Ripley. However, the release of Alien3 in 1992 led to later editions being edited in order to fit with the events of that movie. It forms the concluding part of a three-part story arc started in Aliens (1988 series) and continued in Aliens (1989 series). In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Earth War was preceded by Aliens (1989 series), published concurrently with Aliens: Advent/Terminus and Aliens: Countdown, and was followed by Aliens: Reapers. The non-Dark Horse comic Do Aliens Dream? was also released concurrently, although it is not considered a part of the line.

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