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Name: Aliens: Crusade
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: -
Genre: Dark Horse, Action, Adventure, Movie Cinematic Link, Science Fiction, Supernatural
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Aliens: Crusade is an incomplete 10-part comic book story that was published by Dark Horse Comics in its UK-based Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #13-20, from July 1993-February 1994. It was written by Michael Cook, illustrated and inked by Christian Gorny, colored by Nick Abadzis, lettered by Woodrow Phoenix and edited by Cefn Ridout. The ambitious, richly illustrated story dealt with the fate of England during the Xenomorph invasion of Earth, as chronicled in the early Aliens comics. Only the first eight parts of the comic were ever published; the ninth and tenth chapters were originally set to appear in Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #21-22, but were delayed until issues 23-24 to allow the artists extra time to complete them.[1] Aliens magazine was then cancelled after issue 22 as Dark Horse International, who published the magazine, went out of business. This left the remaining two episodes of the comic unpublished. To this day, the final parts have never been released and the comic has never been collected in any form. In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Crusade was preceded by Aliens: Sacrifice, published concurrently with Aliens: Colonial Marines (1993 series), Aliens: Rogue, Aliens: Taste, Aliens: Backsplash, The Compleat Aliens, Aliens: Labyrinth, Aliens: Salvation, Aliens: Cargo, Aliens: Alien, Aliens: Music of the Spears and Operation: Aliens, and was followed by Aliens: Stronghold.

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